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  • Fractured Lands: The Setting

    OK so this one wasn’t on the list, but I’m doing it anyway. Just what is the setting of Fractured Lands? Phase I: WWI Alien Invasion When I first started working on Fractured Lands, it was an XCOM-styled game (Surprise, right?). I initially was going super heavy towards XCOM – base building, researching, fighting aliens, etc. […]

  • Fractured Lands: Core Gameplay

    The failing I find in many TTRPGs is that they have several gameplay loops, pillars, or whatever – and end up only truly being a combat game with other bits added on. I’m trying to avoid that with Fractured Lands, and here’s how I plan on doing that. I’ve mentioned previously that I want a […]

  • Fractured Lands: Abilities

    In my last post, I talked about the “prime mechanic”. In this post, I’m going to be largely ignoring that because it doesn’t matter for how abilities work. Abilities: An Overview What is an ability? As far as Fractured Lands is concerned, an ability is something that gives you… something. Super precise definition there, I […]

  • Fractured Lands: The Prime Mechanic.

    I’m going to preface this with Yes, I have heard about the OGL fun times. It’s a mess! I’m not going to be commenting on it though, that’s far outside my realm of deep understanding. What I will say is that Fractured Lands (Or whatever it ends up actually being named) never had any OGL content […]

  • Year Plans: 2023

    OK. So. It’s now 2023, and I have plans. And I am going to go over those plans with you! The Blog The least important of my plans is the blog here. I’ve always been notioriously bad at keeping them updated but maybe I’ll be better with plans. I aim to cover a bunch of […]