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  • Fractured Lands: Core Gameplay

    The failing I find in many TTRPGs is that they have several gameplay loops, pillars, or whatever – and end up only truly being a combat game with other bits added on. I’m trying to avoid that with Fractured Lands, and here’s how I plan on doing that. I’ve mentioned previously that I want a […]

  • Fractured Lands: Abilities

    In my last post, I talked about the “prime mechanic”. In this post, I’m going to be largely ignoring that because it doesn’t matter for how abilities work. Abilities: An Overview What is an ability? As far as Fractured Lands is concerned, an ability is something that gives you… something. Super precise definition there, I […]

  • Fractured Lands: The Prime Mechanic.

    I’m going to preface this with Yes, I┬áhave heard about the OGL fun times. It’s a mess! I’m not going to be commenting on it though, that’s far outside my realm of deep understanding. What I will say is that Fractured Lands (Or whatever it ends up actually being named) never had any OGL content […]